Euclid Media New Voices Fellowship

Are you a reporter who’s dreamed of writing in-depth stories — but have never gotten the time and space to get to the bottom of things? Or maybe you’ve always loved writing, but chose a different career … only to regret abandoning your calling. Maybe you just need someone to give you a chance to show what you can do.

Euclid Media Group’s New Voices Fellowship could be that chance. This brand-new, paid fellowship aims to help writers from nontraditional backgrounds get a start in long-form journalism. For one year, fellows will work closely with a designated editor to tackle complex stories that go beyond daily deadlines, cultivating the kind of deeply reported narratives that alt-weeklies have long been known for.

We’re looking for candidates with a passion for storytelling, no matter their background. We’re especially interested in amplifying the voices of people of color and candidates from nontraditional backgrounds, whether you’re a first-generation college student, a newcomer to journalism or a reporter at a small paper looking for new opportunities.

What will fellows do?

You’ll write — and write some more. Our editors will work with you to develop story ideas that dig into life in the city where you’ll live and work. Successful fellows will write several cover stories throughout their fellowship, and can also earn bylines in other areas of coverage (including food or arts) depending on their interests.

By working closely with an editor, you’ll learn how to develop story ideas outside the daily news cycle and learn to manage long-form projects. You’ll also get mentoring and feedback that will help you develop as a writer.

What is Euclid Media?

Euclid Media Group publishes alt-weeklies in eight cities around the U.S.: Detroit, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Orlando, Tampa, St. Louis, San Antonio and Louisville. We are committed to providing intensive mentorship to fellows, both through editors and writers in a fellow’s designated city and throughout our company.

This year, we’re open to placing fellows in Cincinnati, Detroit, Louisville, Tampa, Orlando or San Antonio. We anticipate hiring two fellows this inaugural year.

What will I be paid?

The fellowship stipend is $35,000 to $40,000 for twelve months. You’ll be paid every other week. You must pay taxes on this income. Fellows will likely want to submit quarterly payments to the IRS, as many freelancers do

How do I apply?

Send a résumé and cover letter to Euclid Media Group’s executive editor, Sarah Fenske, at In the letter, please tell us a bit about yourself, what makes you interested in long-form journalism, and how this fellowship could help you. We’d also like to see three writing samples. They don’t need to have been published, but they should show us how you write and maybe even how you think.

What’s the timing?

We’ll close applications by September 15 and hope to make offers not long after that. If you need time to relocate, we’re happy to work with you on a start date that accommodates your individual needs. The fellowship will end one year after the start date.